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Here is a list of Amateur Radio related links.  Please provide any other important or useful links!

Basic Operating and Getting to Know about Amateur Radio Articles

What is Amateur Radio? Introduction into some of the many aspects of Amateur Radio.

Getting Licensed:  All of the current license classes, what they mean, and how to get started, including practice examinations. 

Technique: MSNBC article looks at how ham operators use the airwaves, even when other communications are not possible. 

Communicating with the Moon: Article discusses the common ham radio operator pastime of bouncing signals off the Moon.

Maidenhead Grid: This website, which identifies different coordinate systems, discusses the common grid system used by ham operators.

FCC Guide: This Federal Communications Commission lists and answers frequently asked questions related to ham radio operations.

Etiquette: A list of doís and doníts for transmitting.

Museum: This museum site gives an online tour through the history of ham radio.

In Classrooms: Rice University PowerPoint presentation looks at how teachers are incorporating ham radios in classroom lessons.

Government Use: CNN article explores how the Air Force uses ham radio frequencies for email.

Frequencies: This webpage offers an experiment for testing radio frequencies.

NASA: NASA details how and why cosmonauts and astronauts carry ham radios when visiting international space stations.

Shoretel: A history of Amateur Radio from ShoreTel Sky.

History of Communication: A fun history of human communication over distance from pre-historic times!



http://www.arrl.org/  American Radio Relay League, oldest Amateur radio organization in the US

http://www.fredco.net/radio/ Amateur Radio and Hobbyist Links

http://www.hamvention.org/ Dayton Hamvention

http://wireless.fcc.gov/services/index.htm?job=service_home&id=amateur  FCC Amateur Radio Services Page

http://www.miarc.com/  Michigan Area Repeater Council- Repeater coordinators for Michigan

Union: The International Amateur Radio Union lists different membership groups for operators.

Astronomers Group: This Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers brings together people from around the world who use ham primarily for exploring the solar system.

Satellite Operations: AMSAT, the Amateur Radio in Space organization. This group helps launch amateur radio satellites into orbit worldwide, and also has a program to allow radio operators to communicate with astronauts aboard the International Space Station.  See the Ford Club work with the Dearborn School system to contact the International Space station during October of 2015!


Dealers of Amateur Radio Equipment and Supplies: Amateurs both "build their own" and purchase commercially built equipment.  We often have a mix of the two!

Note:  A lot of components (resistors, capacitors, etc, are available through Amazon.  Also, a lot of used radios and equipment are available at Amateur Swap and Shops, (see below), and even on EBay.  

http://www.aesham.com/ Amateur Electronic Supply

http://www.bwantennas.com/  B&W Wire antennas

http://www.cablexperts.com/cfdocs/index.cfm?BSKT=0&USA_ship=1 Cable Experts Coax and Wire

http://www.ceitron.com/semi/semimain.html  Ceitron Replacement ICs parts store

http://www.dxengineering.com/ DX Engineering, has Antennas, towers, and radios. 

http://fieldcomponents.com/ Field Components:  Adapters, Coax components

http://www.hamradio.com/  Ham Radio Outlet

http://www.isotronantennas.com/  Isotron Stealth LC antennas

http://www.mfjenterprises.com/index.php  MFJ Enterprises, Amateur Radio Equipment manufacturer

http://www.radiobooks.com/  Radioware Books and Equipment

http://www.radioworks.com/  RadioWorks, wire antennas and RFI solutions

http://www.westmountainradio.com/index.html  West Mountain Radio, Rigblaster computer interfaces and Rigrunner power systems

http://www.wrblock.com/  WR Block, Polyphaser Lightning protection products

List of Suppliers: This list directs people to places online where they can obtain equipment to set up ham radio operations.


QSL Information (QSL means contact information)

http://hamcall.net/index.html  Buckmaster Amateur Radio Call database

http://www.qrz.com/  QRZ Callsigns and information


Software used by Club members

http://www.w1hkj.com/ FLDIGI (Fast Light Digital Modem Application)  

http://www.n3fjp.com/  N3FJP software for contesting, Field Day, etc


Clubs and Swaps in the Southeast Michigan area:

http://www.w8pgw.org/ Arrow Communications:  Ann Arbor Club and Dayton Hamvention Bus

http://hparc.org/  Hazel Park Amateur Radio Club

http://www.mcrca.org/index.php?page=start Monroe Amateur Radio Club

http://www.livoniaarc.com/ Livonia Amateur Radio Club, our partners for Field Day

http://www.qsl.net/k8uo/useca.htm Utica Shelby Emergency Communication Association (USECA)



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