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2017 Field Day

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Welcome to the 2017 FARL Field Day Page

June 24th-25th, 2017

Field Day Results!

Files here: Summary below!

2017 Field Day in Review Presentation, by David, N8HKU.  This is from the October, 2017 Club meeting






Final Results of the Field Day Entry:

K8UNS, with a score of 6,816 points, was:

#1 (of 6 entrants) in class 4A in Michigan (same as last year)

#4 (of 92 entrants) for all of Michigan (2nd last year) 

#2 (of 14 entrants) in class 4A for the Great Lakes Division (3rd last year)

#17 (of 272 entrants) in Great Lakes Division overall (8th last year)

#134 (of 2,964 entrants) overall for the entire US and Canada. (#81 last year)  

ARRL Field Day Entry Form

 Datestamp: 2017-07-23 17:50:42 PDT

Confirmation: 75f4a4b900b54246


Call Used: K8UNS     GOTA Station Call: K8UTT     ARRL/RAC Section: MI     Class: 4A

 Participants: 60     Club/Group Name: LARC-FARL

Power Source(s): Generator, Battery, Solar

Power Multiplier: 2X

 Bonus Points:

  100% Emergency power                            400

  Public Location                                 100

  Formal message to ARRL SM/SEC                   100

  Formal messages handled - No.=10                100

  Satellite QSO completed                         100

  Natural power QSOs completed                    100

  Site Visit by invited served agency official    100

  GOTA Bonus                                       40

  Submitted via the Web                            50

  Social media                                    100

Total Bonus Points                              1,190

Score Summary:

                  CW  Digital  Phone  Total

   Total QSOs    460    147    1599

 Total Points    920    294    1599   2813   Claimed Score = 5,626

*****Total: 6,816******* 


Submitted by:

W. David Treharne, N8HKU

5110 Parkridge Dr

Ypsilanti, MI 48197

E-mail: N8HKU@ARRL.net

Band/Mode QSO Breakdown:

               CW          Digital      Phone

            QSOs Pwr(W)  QSOs Pwr(W)  QSOs Pwr(W)


       80m   33    100                279    100

       40m  127    100    17     40   796    100

       20m  183    100   112     40   372    100

       15m   72    100    18     40    53    100

       10m   43    100                 18    100

        6m    2    100                 18    100




 Satellite                              2     25

      GOTA                             61    100

     TOTAL  460          147         1599

 GOTA Bonus: No GOTA Coach

Name/Call            QSOs  Bonus Points

Tas Foley, K8TAS      10         0

John Hopkins, K8ZZY    6         0

Bob Gaplicki, WX8YZ   45        40



The Ford Amateur Radio League and the Livonia Amateur Radio Club are co-hosting a site during the American Radio Relay League Field Day!  LARC site: http://www.livoniaarc.com/

FARL Flyer


When: June 24th-25th, 2017

Setup: 9am on Saturday the 24th.

Operating Event:  2pm on Saturday through 2pm on Sunday, 24 continuous hours

Food:  Lunch, Dinner, and evening snack on Saturday.  Breakfast and Lunch on Sunday

Who:  Open to any amateur radio operators and also to anyone interested in radio!

Types of operating:  Morse Code, 2 voice stations, 1 digital station, 1 VHF station, and Satellite.   A special station (Get On the Air) will be available to recently licensed operators and those who want to try out radio!

See this presentation for details!

Operating Set-up:

Using K8UNS as main station call
Using K8UTT as GOTA station call
Operating 4A
CW station Tent
Bringing a Carolina Windom and they want to use the Quad for reception.
SSB 1 Station (FARL) (Using Tom Bray’s (W8TJB)Airstream)
Radio:  Club FT-991
Antenna: Club G5RV
Solar Power Charged battery for Alternative Power Bonus
SSB 2 Station (Camper: Alan (N8BTU))
Antenna:  G5RV Jr or full size
Digital Station: FARL) (Using the Livonia FD Tent, along with the GOTA station)
Using David’s (N8HKU) IC-9100
Using David’s (N8HKU) G5RV with club fiberglass center mount and club member’s fiberglass tent poles for end poles.
Satellite station:  (FARL) David’s IC-9100 and Arrow Antenna (still working on rotor set up)
Free VHF/UHF Station (with FARL station, using Tom’s (W8TJB) IC-7100 and VHF antennas)  Using metal or fiberglass poles to raise.
GOTA Station (LARC) in the Livonia FD Tent



Location: 37855 Lyndon St.  Livonia, MI 48124

Send mail to N8HKU@ARRL.NET with questions or comments about this web site.
Last modified: November 26, 2017