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2015 Field Day

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Date: June 27th-28th, 2015

2015 Field Day in Review Presentation: Dave, N8HKU

2015 Field Day in Review Document: Dave, N8HKU


Our score for class 4A was 6,076 points.

#1 in 4A Michigan (out of 10 entries)

#2 in Michigan overall (out of 88 total entries) K8UO of the USECA club

was #1

#3 of all 4A Great Lakes Division entries (out of 17)

#11 overall in the Great Lakes Division (out of 243)

#16 in 4A overall (out of 155)

#126 overall (out of 2,720 entries)


Final Results Files: Note: These are different than the preliminary files.  There were some duplicate log entries caused by the crash and restart of the logging system.  This are the files that went to the ARRL!



2015_Field_Day_Info/ARRL Field Day Entry Form 2015 K8UNS.pdf

Band CW Phone Dig Total %
---- -- ----- --- ----- ---
160 2 0 0 2 0
80 281 326 0 607 27
40 225 717 23 965 43
20 128 287 20 435 19
15 70 51 0 121 5
10 28 56 0 84 4
6 0 45 1 46 2
-- ----- --- ----- ---  
Total 734 1,482 44 2,260 100


This was a wild Field Day!  Normally, hams are supposed to show up after the disaster to provide emergency communications.  With the wet and windy weather we had on Saturday, we were struggling to keep from being the disaster!  More soon.

Setup:  The wire antennas will be installed on Friday, June 26th, weather permitting.  Formal set up starting at 9am on Saturday, June 27th. 

Operating:  Demonstration and training will begin about 12pm on Saturday.  Satellite contact will be pending the satellite schedule.  The formal operating event Starts at 2pm on Saturday, June 27th, and runs through 2pm on Sunday, June 28th.  

Teardown: 2pm on Sunday.  With many hands, we will be ready to leave the site by 3:30pm. 

Operating Rules: http://www.arrl.org/field-day

Operating Mode:  We plan on operating 4A again this year, 4 stations on the air simultaneously, running on emergency power.

                2 Voice/SSB stations:  FARL operating 1, LARC operating 1.

                1 CW station: Operated by the LARC.

                1 Digital station:  Operated by the LARC.

                VHF/Satellite Station:  Does not count for number of stations, operated by the LARC and FARL.

Location:37855 Lyndon Street, Livonia, MI 48154, west of Newburgh Road and south of Five Mile Road.

Field Day co-sponsored with the Livonia Amateur Radio Club.



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