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2005 Field Day

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2005 Field Day

June 25-26, 2005

Field Day Spreadsheet and pictures below the summary!


2005 Field Day Summary

Congratulations to all who participated in this years joint Livonia Amateur Radio Club and Ford Amateur Radio League 2005 Field Day!  This year, we managed to make more contacts on both SSB (voice) and CW than last year.  We made 10% more voice contacts this year, and a whopping 43% more CW contacts.  We also set a near record on how fast we cleaned up at the end of the contest.  We were out of there in about 50 minutes.  A combination of the extremely hot weather and many hands to help allowed us to get things cleaned up on a hurry.  Below is a summary of our event.


What went right:  1. Simple antennas:  We used a dipole at the CW station, and a G5RV on the SSB station.  They went up easily, and came down easily.  They also appeared to work well, although each had an issue during the event.  2. Tents:  They were easy to set up, and easy to take down.  The two screen tents did manage to keep some of the bugs out.  3. Youth participation:  We received bonus points for youth participation, and we were honored by two young women who took the challenge to make a contact, and succeeded!  Congratulations to Elizabeth for making a voice contact at the end of the contest, and to Rachael, who really learned some new skills on Field Day, making a total of 25 contacts!  4.  Quiet generators:  That inverter style generator was whisper quiet, and we enjoyed it greatly.  Unfortunately, a power failure in Dearborn called for its relocation to the house of an elderly person, and we ended up with a slightly louder, but still nice, generator.  5. Food:  Thanks to all who participated in preparation and delivery of all of the food we ate.  We kept up our tradition of eating well, and we also managed to keep the pop and water chilled and available, as it was very hot.


What didnít work right:  1. The weather:  We had one of those 90 deg + weekends, where we were sweating in our chairs without moving.  We were all uncomfortable during much of the weekend, although the overnight crew did not complain about being cold this year at daybreak.  We were very glad we had so many people to help us take everything down, so we could get out of the heat.  We did have a few moments of rain on Sunday morning, but it did not last long.  2. Antenna troubles:  Both the CW and SSB antennas had issues.  We did not have a good matching balun for the CW dipole, and someone had to go back and get one.  We appeared to have a period where the SSB G5RV stopped working on Sunday morning.  Although we did not find anything wrong with the antenna, we did manage to get it to work and load up afterwards.  3. Generator:  We had delays in getting a generator to the site on Saturday morning.  We had everything set up, but could not test out the radios, due to a lack of 110V power.  We do need to make sure we have a power supply available on Saturday morning during set up.  4. Tents:  I think we may need to make sure all of our operating tents have sides on them, in case of inclement weather.  We do need to protect our gear from rain.

Thank you again to all those who participated in Field Day!  Photos and the summary spreadsheet below!






2005 Field Day summary.xls

  The G5RV antenna

The CW dipole antenna

Bonus points for using a battery charged via solar power for several of our CW contacts.

5W of power on CW!

Bill, N8OZV, and daughter Elizabeth

Bill, WA8HEA, taking a snooze after pulling an all-nighter

A birds eye view of the foot tent and CW station from on top of the fire tower.


Close down time.  Many hands helped!


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